24 thoughts on “WSOP 2013 Sick Play by Galfond in the 25K Six Max Bracelet Event

  1. why is this titled “sick play by galfond” there’s nothing sick about the hand. “sick play” implies that galfond bluffed to win the pot, which he did not. He simply made the right read on chidwick and made a good call.

  2. I was more shocked at Galfond checking the river. I would of assumed he was going to bet the river and get him to fold if he had a pair of 5’s or even get a scared 7 to fold.

  3. If Chidwick had a really strong hand he wud have bet the turn instead he checks flop and turn and once he feels that Galfond hand is not that strong he raises his bet trying to steal it. From Galfond viewpoint i wud think “if he has a strong hand he bets the turn, if he has only a pair on the board he just calls my bet on the turn, if he raises me he thinks im weak and tries to steal it with a raise since he doesnt have showdown value, so AK is good”

    not the easiest call but far from being sick

  4. Galfond checks the river because only hands that beat him calls a river bet, while all hands he beats fold. It’s really that simple.

  5. What logical range of hands can Chidwick 1) call a three-bet out of position with, 2) check the flop with on a 7-5-4 board, and 3) check-raise the turn with when the straight card comes? I think in this spot Chidwick’s logical holdings range from 6-6, 6-7, 6-5, flush draws, and pure bluffs. Galfond must have considered that flush draws and made straights are possible since Galfond checked back the river in position.

  6. Yeah pretty standard, im calling with A high all day on the turn if a guy check raises me in a 7 4 5 3 board, What can he have? He always as Q10 in this spot especially suited. It has to be suited or else it doesn make any sense.

  7. Pretty standard hand I’d say. All Galfond did was exercise pot control by checking the flop. I’d expect to get check raised by Chidwick and it’s a very dry board.

    Both online players who’s body language gave away their hands.

  8. did they broadcast the whole final table ? and if u have the whole final table can u upload it?
    did they show holecards through the whole final table or did they show the holecards after the hand occured (like the wsop me broadcasts in 2011 and 2012)?

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