25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Vanessa Rousso’s Vegas Pad

  1. Too all the haters who kept calling Vanessa Selbst a man, that “man” just got bracelet #2. Recognize, bitches!

  2. Ewwwwww! Why does Tiffany Michelle have to kill the video!! Bahaha they have her on trash duty! how fitting for her .lmao!

  3. Vanessa Rousso single?? Chad Brown isn’t fucking that in the ass anymore???? I got next!!!!

  4. Thats still a couple million dollar home even in Vegas. Your right though its cheaper than most major city’s but then again its the middle of a dessert so you will know why when summer kicks in lol.

  5. I like Vanessa and it’s a very nice home…but anyone can get this kind of home in Vegas for peanuts. Real estate is very cheap over there. A house like this in LA Cali or NYC is a different story.

  6. muhahhahahah ;p u mean vanessa shemale selbst ;p good top comment was thinking excactly the same.. damn lucky guy

  7. it’s not like i thought she was poor, but i had no idea rousso was THAT loaded.

  8. btw…
    notice how every time she says.. ladies, or these ladies etc. … she points at all the girls except selbst

  9. the video was entertaining…
    but not half entertaining as the comments… hahah

    the dude on the left….
    3 and a half woman…


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