25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Poolparty at Vanessa Rousso’s House

  1. I dont know how about her girlfriends and their girlfriends ! shit just have some bitches there for the fellas ! It just says that she doesn really get a long with other women or just wants the attention to herself !

  2. Vanessa Rousso has a nice house,,,but just cuz you have a nice house does not mean you know how to throw down a nice party.

  3. How in the hell was this an “exclusive walkaround” actually? There were camera’s everywhere.

  4. I reported this for misleading title: there is no party in this video (the pool is correct though).

  5. Thumbs up if u thought you would see lots of girls in bikini at the pool drinking vodka ahd shaking theirs asses

  6. this is because poker players are normally unsociable recluses, they cant mature with the rest of the world coz theyre stuck behind a computer screen 15 hours a day

  7. haha, if you didn’t know they are pokerplayers, you would think you are watching some addicted guys in a rehab or some retardeds in a psychiatric clinic!

  8. 1 mile down the road at Allen Kesslers house 5 strippers have just jumped in the hot tub naked, Iveys rolling dice for a mill and Scotty Nguyens just arrived with a half kilo of coke.
    What a bunch of nerds.

  9. Haha. I’d have been so awkward walking around with that video camera. Props to you, cool video although that party looked pretty lame, but I guess it was still early.

  10. Lol you obviously don’t know cash games and her online winnings. Plus Chad Browns income

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