22 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Opinions with Daniel Negreanu

  1. Because they were essentially the masterminds behind the Full Tilt Poker shenanigans.

  2. Brainwashed gov dronetard..THE U.S HAS OUR $’s

    2006-Bush passes UIGEA
    2007-World Trade Org.scraps it
    2011-Corrupt re-enstatement of UIGEA
    -FT’s FUNDS SEIZED,Stars funds overseas so untouchable
    -US files complaint to FT’s licensor stating their funds are seized,so not technically theirs
    -License revoked,funds must be AVAILABLE at all times,FT runs out of unseized funds(eg.42mil Lederer ‘stole’ etc)to pay legal costs

    Now-US wants SEIZED FUNDS(300mil+)to settle billions in UIGEA fines

  3. can someone please explain to me why Daniel is so pissed at Lederer and Ferguson?

  4. ANderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 biggest fight this century opinion?????????????? I HOPE SILVA GONNa KNOCK SONNEN OUT AND MAKE IT LOOK EASY CANT WAIT TO SEE THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the tennis superstar joining Pokerstars opinion??? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!! STICK TO TENNIS!!!!!!!

  5. Way to go DN!!! Shame on those scumbags (HL & CF) is dead on correct!! Those two fucks can’t ever go in public again without having to look over their shoulder for a sudden ass beating…. or worse a knife or gun shoved up their asses. They F’d A LOT of ppl. Pisses me off and I’m a PokerStars guy. Never once have I played at Full Tilt

  6. i think he sat out in protest to the full tilt scandal and said he wouldn’t return till people would start getting paid if i remember correctly. but when it seemed like that shit was never going to be resolved he started playing again…and dominating again…

  7. People never really say anything about Chris Ferguson, they just smear him with the same brush as Lederer just because he was involved in full tilt

  8. Does anyone know why Ivey didn’t play last year? Was it because of the Full Tilt scandal or something else?

  9. what was he on about when he said about ivey not playing last year??? and about ferguson and lederer.???????

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