25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E26 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2012

  1. too close from a woman to final table 11 and 10 place … maybe in 2014 see
    woman at final table

  2. God dammit! I was so hoping for this Koroknai guy to be eliminated before
    Baumann. So not fair…

  3. i dont like abrams play at all in a cash game its absolutely legit but at
    this stage of the tournament with these stacksizes and that much at stake,
    you gotta know that a K with a J kicker cant be good, its the same as if he
    just pushed with a Flush draw against sylvia… I mean common, Sylvia c/r
    the field into 3 players, there is no way 1 can srsly think that a K is
    good here… So basically he just moved in on a draw…

  4. He did similar things 3 times (that we know of) He is a supposed
    “professional poker player” he has enough live experience to not do this
    kind of thing. He is either really stupid, or he was cheating.

  5. i dont hate koroknai he seems like a nice person who made a mistake which
    nearly every live poker player has done before

  6. YOUTUBE If I wanted my real name or any other name on my account I would
    have put that name in when I made the account – fuck off!

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