25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E09 – Main Event Day 4 World Series of Poker 2012

  1. Antonio Esfandiari has got to be one of the smartest gamblers out there. He
    always ends up doing props where he’s the clear favorite at even odds. Who
    can kick higher with that guy. Can I do 20 or whatever push-ups. Just
    ridiculous. Such a sneaky gambler.

  2. I dont see why hollywooding is a bad thing, its all about deception i mean
    why not try fool your opponent for value with a strong hand, what a lil

  3. slots are more about skill that pocker. There is very year some MR.Nobody
    winning that tournament, and gettin famous for a while, and next year
    anyone random donk wins, ges contract with big online rigged room still te
    same, always wins other random donk

  4. With around 700 players left, what are the odds that Johnny Chan, Erick
    “grifter” Lindgren and Vivek all end up on the same table? Sorry about your
    luck, 6 other players…

  5. I cant believe that bubble burst is on 666 number,666 players are geting
    money,its really weird!!!

  6. Show some respect, that’s not the way to show off you reads. If you know
    you are way behind, don’t bet the turn.

  7. Because his opponent would have a full house if a king falls, and Lindgren
    would only have 3 of a kind. (9KK on the board, 99 in hand = 999KK for a
    full house)

  8. I’m waiting – I never said NEVER. BUT VERY RARELY – JUST LOOK AT THE MAIN

  9. KK lost a AA QQ lost to AA AA lost to AK KK lost to 55. So much KK
    AA and every time loose who get all in. FAKE

  10. Erik is a dickhead. Vanessa is a man. Khayat is Sean Penn. The fat guy is
    gorgeous. Peltekci is the ugliest fuck ever. Rajkumar looks like that chick
    from House season 8.

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