24 thoughts on “William Reynolds AMPLIFIED RANT QuadJacks Live at the WSOP June 18, 2012

  1. i wonder if reynolds has realised he sounds like a homo watching himself on tv i think he has because his voice sounds different now… he used to put so much emphasis on his words sounding like paris hilton or someshit.. made me wish i could mute him, he’s a good player tho lol

  2. Who the fuck does this guy think he is! i actually was a fan of Will Reynolds b4 i heard
    all this shit talking! i thought he was a nice, funny guy untill i heard this interview. sounds like
    he’s trying to be like his boy Negreanu too much….except, for one thing Will, YOUR NO NEGREANU! YOU SOUND LIKE AN ARROGANT DOUCHE BAG! trying to be controversial to make a name for yourself….mmmm..not really buying it from ya Will.

  3. lol this douche is judging ivey???? fuck you noname fag! your known to be that fucking weird looking asshole on “the big game” tv show.

  4. even if bobby bellande isnt a good player who the fuck is will reynolds to go on quad jacks and say it? why does will care that hes backed? why would will want to tell bobbys backer he shouldnt back him? what a joke will is! you say the poker world needs more good people in it? start that quest by removing yourself from it! who are you to rant about who should be backed? will owes bobby an appology. will , youre a fucking joke and an embarrasment to poker

  5. anyone else see will reynolds as an arrogant douchebag? who the fuck does he think he is judging everyone? i wish internet poker would come back so clowns like him are less visible. just shut up and play until you are a someone, ivey is laughing at you, put the drink down btw

  6. poker has become such a sissy game.. if this happened in old texas annie duke/lederer would be buried in the desert somewhere

    now it’s skinny pale kids ranting on podcasts.. people will continue to scam poker players because there IS NO CONSEQUENCES.


  7. poker was full of vibrant characters when it was a game, now it is basically a software program. reynolds is just a hater. how many bracelets does he have? this rant would be more meaningful if it came from negraneau.

  8. hard to believe ivey is interested in anything that doesn’t have at least 10 grand riding on it.

  9. how the fuck can there be 3 dislikes, one of the most interesting and funny interviews ive ever seen. William reynolds is a breath of fresh air.

  10. Dude’s hair is getting thinner; it’s going Negreanu. When he leans down at the start of the video, I’m pretty sure he’s already got a bald spot at the back. He’ll be bald and broke in 3 years.

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