25 thoughts on “Phil Ivey vs Phwap (4 Max $2500 WSOP 1st Hand)

  1. ok, you u just broke rule #1 in poker, dont talk about yourself and give too much information. you sir are a dumbass.

  2. @macchef01 It wasn’t a $5 game either and I wasn’t tired because I slept in past my alrm

  3. @Zee96969696 Not true. Since he bet on the river, it doesn’t matter if I’m out of position. I’ve had floor go over this twice last week at tables I was at

  4. It hurts my ears to hear you talk. I’m glad to see you’re marketing yourself as a youtube personality. Because Staying up all night playing a 5 dollar game and showing up tired at the world series of poker and talking shit to a man that gets more info from you just by how you have your hair done and then talking about playing “durrr” money is just ridiculous. Good luck in your endevours. I’m not sure poker will be one of those for much longer.

  5. I think there’s no question, Phil Ivey was in position if he didnt have the winning hand he could muck and he did not have to show at all, so theres absolutely no question Phil Ivey doesn’t have to show the hand at all. If on the other hand Ivey was sitting out of position and was first to act and he decided not to show, u should then ask him to show his hand I think even though its not comfortable to ask, but u have an opportunity to get information and u have the right to get that information

  6. How did you get Dwan to sponsor you? i.e. Who approached whom and asked what? 🙂

  7. I would’ve responded “1 cent 2 cent” as a joke when asked what I was playing…

  8. fucking baller, dwans money 😀 What’s your stack at atm? Big plays vs ivey and a good story, awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us

  9. would be super douchey to make him show your way too classy for that who cares what he had great call g

  10. Awesome story! lol at Phil complaining about young players(“fucking kids”), he is becoming one grumpy man. Go get those bracelets…

  11. omg your ego must be so high right now 😀 now it’s not even important to lose the 2500$ right? XD XD XD hehehe

  12. Can you explain a little more about why you made the call?

    You go over all the reason your hand may be beat but in the end you made the call, i’d want to know a little bit more how you decided your hand was good 😀

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