23 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth wins his 12th bracelet @ WSOP 2012 – Event 18 $2500 Seven Card Razz

  1. yea i know nothing about poker, i just win constantly thats not a brag its just reality.. But im sure its all luck.. Anyone wants to play at commerce or on Carbon Poker let me know, its not a problem..

  2. Your getting all mad and trying to attack me because you cant admit that your wrong, you sound like Hellmuth yourself.. And no its not stupid in any way to say tournaments are a lottery and cash game poker is real poker, this is a fact that all successful tournament and cash game professionals have stated numerous times.. You should take your own advise and shut up.. Ive won the bicycle tournament 100-200 player fields 6 times, does this make me great Fuk No.

  3. man really stop it you look so stupid.. Even im not a losing player, i dont know where you get that stats because i made like 3000 starting playing by freerolls, EVEN WHEN I SAID HE WAS THE BEST IN MTT YOU START TALKING HIS CASH G PROFICTS, you are nothing with a brainless stupid, i cant even talk to you. Everything is real poker you dummy, cash games and mtts, turbos and hiperturbos arent real poker. 2 hours blinds you think is lottery? Just shut the fk up and learn at least to win a disscution

  4. Hellmuth represents everything a cash game player (aka real poker player) should not be.. You dont whine whine and cry when you consistently get out played.. You dont make illogical folds preflop with big hands based off your “feelings”. You dont tilt and make huge calls with nothing randomly because your fed up with getting outplayed.. He has no clue how to adjust to player types, and trys to rationalize his bad play out loud.. His success is off the lottery plain and simple..

  5. The simple fact is your another clown that knows nothing about poker.. Your a losing player and im a winning player.. What you “think” has no real truth as you clearly arent one to judge the skill of any poker player since you have no clue to what skill is, as you have none.. Simple fact is cash games is real poker, tournaments is like playing the lottery.. Any pro knows this, you can watch all the televised cash games, Hellmuth lacks fundamentals, and is a emotional losing wreck.

  6. lol you look so jealous in this lines that you should delete this before people start making fun of you like they are doing this days. Tournament more luck than cash? lol if you had AA in MTT and lose an all in you can still have chips, but in cash you lose big money. Not only 12 bracelets , he finished 45 main event 2008, 3 second places last year, and 20 millions. Just cut it out he is the best mtt player by facts.. Poker is about facts afterall not playing well. He won everything

  7. The thing is like this.. Hellmuth is the best MMT player ever, you like him or not hes always there, in cash games there is a defined best player , i think i could be antonius who won 12 mill fairly. Saying Dwan is the best is stupid, you had been blindfolded by some great bluff he made but he lose 5 millon in a week. Ivey owes to full tilt like 7 millons and hes not paying back.

  8. @Noums99 You’re an idiot. The best poker players are the cash game players. And the highest earning poker players are by FAR cash game players. Tom dean won 1.1 million in one fucking pot imbecile. plus hes made close to 60 million in 4 or five years playing cash games. Muppet

  9. But in fairness, he can afford it because he’s been great. I don’t think he fell out of royalty’s womb…

  10. Well you’ve made yourself sound even dumber then i thought possible.. I do make money playing poker and purchased the bmw i own right now off poker.. “Cash game players dont know how to win anything” “With cash games you just rebuy and thats it” LMFAO, thats by far the dumbest shit ive heard in my life regarding poker. Its pretty clear you have no actually knowledge of poker so im not even going to respond to that..

  11. Im sorry i got you mixed up with JRN… im really sorry lol i just thought it was that person because of the same thread…. btw what do you mean when you said you were referring to the blom comment… like as he is better or worse than dwan…

  12. Lol and what prestige do cash players get..nothing… cuz they dont know how to win anything and really make decisions for your tournament life…. With cash games you just rebuy and thats it but in tournaments you making critical decisions to stay alive in the tournament… FYI the top poker earners in the world are play mainly tournaments example daniel negreaneu and eric lindgren… and i doubt a dumb dick like you could win a cent in poker 🙂

  13. MTTs are just horrible and misleading. Fish/donks think its the most important thing in the poker world and respect anyone who wins some sort of bracelet and all the pros want to get one so fish/donks idolise them. Its great for the poker econ, what WSOP and WPT brings to the game but IMO even tho these bracelets are super special and i would obviously love one, it just doesnt determine how good of a player you are.

  14. Hellmuth is down hundreds of thousands to dwan, hes crush macau games, laak said hes down to dwan a couple hundred thousand, viffer peats said dwans won millions off him live, hes won millions off guy laliberte, he was the big winner in all the high stakes poker seasons, biggest winner on million dollar cash game 2 seasons in london.. only people he lost to big was daniel cates and isildur1, and he ran 1.7 million below ev to isildur1 according to him..

  15. Lifetime hellmuth is down tons of money, most of which is within the past decade where there have been much better all around talent in those games.. Hellmuth try’s to avoid those games because hes the fish and he down millions in live real poker games.. Dwan lost 5 million online in a couple weeks to isildur1 and he started with 1 $50 deposit.. Hes made near 7 million in Macau, China in the past couple years live.. seems as though everything you just said is completely inaccurate..

  16. Phil is a very good player if you think you can win 12 with out skill there is something wrong with you. And Phil has won over the long run in cash games check your stats before you talk. Dwan has only won online with those bs RNGs in live tournaments and live cash games he is down ALOT of money

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