Gordon Vayo And World Series

Gordon Vayo And World Series

With the World Series of Poker is coming up, there is much to know about the different players who would be vying for the title.

For those who are looking to get ahead in their game they will find several online training sites that come of use. Programs that allow one to play about 500 hands in different formats as well as allow one to find several computerized opponents to play with are some of the helpful ways for one to sharpen their skills in the game.

Gordon Vayo is one of the players who would be taking part in the 2016 World Series. It is like a culmination of the work that he has done throughout his life or the energy and passion he has dedicated to the game.

He has chosen poker to be the game and profession of his life. He has spent half his life playing the game as well. He says that he has been preparing to be part of the event his whole life and hence getting to play at the event is akin to being in a dream world. Though he is only 27 years of age, he has shown his dedication to the game early from his life. Vayo would be the youngest member to be part of the World Series on November 9th. However, he definitely has a lot of experience as he has been playing professionally for more than a decade. He started off with home games that he played with his friends. When Moneymaker boomed it was easy to make money through online poker playing. He was also able to get ahead of his friends at the games that were older than him. Here’s hoping that the years of experience will help him get ahead of his opponents when he gets down to playing the tournament this year.

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