25 thoughts on “Final Hand of WSOP 2000

  1. “”””Jesus”””” Ferguson gets lucky as FUCK to win the main event, then is
    part of the biggest scam in poker history. Fucking die already piece of

  2. chris got a ‘9’ against helmuth at heads up…lucky mofo…but chris is a
    good guy.

  3. Where do you play with him??? I play full time in san diego and have read
    everyones book and been to bootcamp and can tell you tj’s book taught me
    the most. the guy is a stud!

  4. Ferguson is one of my favorite players. But this footage really doesn’t
    look like it’s from 2000 🙂

  5. @GenoPeppino looks like a crowd at a golf tournament. whereas the crowds at
    the WSOP these days are more akin to English football hooligans

  6. What are you talking about. He was very comfortable and was a huge favorite
    to win. The loser was Chris Ferguson make a mathematically incorrect call,
    celebrating a bad beat and being awarded a bracelet for a hitting a 7% on
    the river.

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