24 thoughts on “Final hand 2011 WSOP Players Championship – Brian Rast vs. Phil Hellmuth

  1. Phil is not the best player. If he was the best player, he would have been ranked no. 1 in all-time prize winner. Unfortunately, he isn’t. But he is a good player.

  2. don’t be such a clown, hellmuth didn’t know rast had the nuts, so as far as he was concerned, he had a flush draw and an open ended straight draw. an absolute dream heads up, it just so happened fast had the nut straight negating hellmuths straight

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  4. Why the fuck did he go all in? And Phill is the one critisizing about people playing with stupid hands…

  5. Phil is a bad loser man “You don’t even play mixed games”….. So freakin’ what??

  6. Oh, and Rast’s comment about, “if Phil gets there then remember I trapped him first” was so immature. Poker is full of brats, braggards and babies. Why I love the game. I like to see peopl steam when I suck out or catch a winner.

  7. why does Phil Hellmuth have to blame everyone else on the planet when he makes stupid plays, like going all in with draws? He makes himself look like more than just a brat, he looks like a donkey.

  8. He’s won 11 bracelets. Uh, I would say yes. He made three final tables this year at the WSOP. why even ask such a quesiton?

  9. im comparison to most people hes great but in comparison to the top 10 players in the world it be like takin candy from a baby, hes a sore loser too, he just insulted brian at the end of that , u play mixed games lol

  10. hellmuth COMPLETLY vindicated himself this year in the WSOP. the internet haters can suck it. frankly, i like laughing at phil when he acts like an ass, which he does frequently, but you cannot logically deny his poker prowess. in addition to 11 bracelets, he got THREE 2nd places in the WSOP this year. iow, he STILL has it, and his performance this year. it simply runs counter to the evidence.

  11. I was there, it was heart breaking at the time and just as heart breaking to watch it now. Phil had it in the bag – it was such bad luck. Three 2nd places in bracelet events – superb performance and anyone who thinks Hellmuth doesn’t deserve a 12th bracelet knows sod all about tournament poker.

  12. Hellmuth is just like the LA Lakers, they hate him that much cause he’s already won so many championships.

  13. it must be rigged though cos he couldnt have hit one of his 9 outs ! 9 fucking outs!

  14. he has 11 bracelets 😀 but still he would complain about anyone calling a raise. he just cant take defeat from anyone, and tbh calling a raise isnt a bad thing. hes backing a straight!

  15. yea he put all his money in with 82 of diamond, i’ll like to ask his opinion about that, if the situation is reverted and he’s with the KQ and the opponent hit the diamond he’ll definitely start berating the opponent, but if he hits he’ll just say “oo i’m just going to shove anywayz”, if you have respect for this human being u should rethink ur own value

  16. What does he mean he trapped him? He led out on the flop and got re-raised. He calls flat-calling a raise pre-flop out of position with KQ trapping?

  17. no one in the history of the WSOP has entered more tournaments than Hellmuth by a long stretch. hellmuth is compulsive about winning bracelets. if any decent player entered as many tournaments as he did, the player would win more than 11. his 11 bracelets is far and away the most deceptive stat in poker.

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