David Y. Rheem short career in poker shows it is a millionaire filed for talented players

David Y. Rheem short career in poker shows it is a millionaire filed for talented players

The Global Poker Index considers high-profile tournaments like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour as imperative when ranking players. However, this does not mean you ought to have won to feature among the three hundred top players list. This shows you cannot determine the mettle of a player by merely considering accolades and plethora cash winnings. The US is rich with players who have ventured in high stakes cash games to net stupendous amounts in the money finishes and cashes. David Y. Rheem is a US poker professional player whose participation in the significant tournaments has cemented his standing in poker.

He plunged into the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2008 where he cashes to garner $1,772,650. He also won the WPT Season VII Doyle Brunson Five Diamond WPC where he walked away with $1,538,730. Rheem has also cashed five times, his most notable success being the runner-up finish in his heat to Allen Cunningham in the $1,000 NL Texas Hold’em w/Rebuys tournament in 2006. Earlier he had cashed in the 2005 WSOP placing 193rd.

He also sailed through to the final table in 2008 to place fifth in a $5,000 mixed hold’em tournament. In 2011, he went ahead to bring down the final table down in the $20,000 Buy-in Maximum NLHE event at the opening Epic Poker League netting $1,000,000. His most recent successes came in the WPT Championship tournament in 2013 where he defeated Erick Lindgren in a heads-up encounter to take home a humongous $1,150,297 grand prize.

From the foregoing, Rheem is among the highest underdog US earners, as of 2013, he had amassed above $7,100,000 in live events only. Thus, one cannot deny he has leveraged available chances in poker and integrated his skill to rake in such plethora earnings.

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