25 thoughts on “Great Poker Hand. World Series Of Poker. WSOP Bad Beat.

  1. you HAVE to play bad to win a big tournament. It’s just true. You have to
    make bad calls – I even saw Johnny Chan make a questionable call that I was
    like, really? you called that? and he hit his 2 outter and later won it…
    so ya do not underestimate the importance of gambling and necessity of luck
    in poker. Skill is optional but LUCK is mandatory

  2. i wasnt even paying attention to AQ until the turn… thats how bad he was
    crushed.. love the confused wtf look by mizrachi at the end.. like you
    fucking idiot..

  3. Guy that has no business even being in the hand, wins. Pokers a funny game
    sometimes and not haha funny

  4. Tipical idiot luck…raise, re raise and you move all inn with AQ….and
    get lucky on the river……bull- – – – 

  5. I’ve folded AQ in a similar spot before, 10s and ace rag got tabled. It’s
    always player specific. 

  6. Horrible move to go all in with AQ there, always annoying when someone gets
    lucky after making a horrible play.

  7. Check out this hand from the 2010 WSOP ME. Jan Boye gets the huge suckout
    flush against K’s and Q’s to knock out both players. http://buff.ly/1vfycJa

    What do you guys think – should he have been in the pot in the first place?

  8. Boye great play….he doesn’t know how to play he is cheering for Q on the
    river 2:24 ! great play you deserve it

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